Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen Generator

Infinity Technical
The technology behind all of our Nitrogen generators is the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process. It is the engine that drives the separation of Nitrogen from air. It is a purely physical process; there are no chemical, electrical, or other reactions in our process.
Professional research

With continuously Research and Development of Nitrogen generator in real industry.

After long experience with real parameter for high Nitrogen purity have done successes for less Air consume, less Electricity consume, less Consumable parts, high purity, high efficiency and easy operation with automatic program.

Nitrogen Generator
PSA Technology
PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption)
Nitrogen Generator
PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) is a technology used to separate Nitrogen gas from Air, 78% Nitrogen, 20.9% Oxygen, 1% Argon and other under pressure according to the species' molecular characteristics and affinity for an adsorbent material . Special adsorptive materials (e.g. zeolites) are used as a molecular sieve, preferentially adsorbing the target gas species at high pressure. The process then swings to low pressure to desorb the adsorbent material, as below.
Nitrogen Generator
Using two adsorbent vessels allows near-continuous production of the target gas. It also permits so-called pressure equalization, where the gas leaving the second vessel. Depressured is used to used to partially pressurize the vessel. This results in significant energy savings, and is common industrial practice, as below.
FlexibleBe your own generator
 Produce gas when and where you need it
Cost-effectivePay only 1.20 - 2.20 Baht/m3
 Pay only you use, No excess gas is produced
 Less investment,Less maintenance, Fast payback
SafetyAvoid high pressure cylinders in your factory
 No large quantities of cryogenic liquefied gas, No have bomb
Easy OperationFully automaticrunning, Automatic alarm recording
 Less consumable parts
 Plug and press
Outstanding of Infinity Nitrogen Generator in term of Equipments.
1. Actuator Valve
  • Drive with air, durable and stable work.
  • Standard equipment, easy to find in the market(not special parts)
2. CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve)
  • High quality, High efficiency.
3. Silencer or Exhaust
  • Stainless material, cleaning only for all of life(no need to change).
  • It is not consumable part.
4. All filter in system
  • Air Filter/Oil Filter/ Oil Separator in Air Compressor (Depend on Brand of Air Compressor).
  • 0.3 µm Filter before Air Dryer / 0.01 µm Filter after Air Dryer (SMC-Japan).
  • 0.3 µm and 0.01 µm Filter before N2 Generator / 0.01 µm Filter after N2 Generator (SMC-Japan).
  • Special filters depend on application.
5. Void Space Stabilizer : Development design with plate cover and spring
  • To avoid CMS moving with limit spacing
  • No CMS moving, No CMS cracking, No efficiency losing.
6. Flow limitation: Development design with ore fit flow
  • When N2 are used overflow, Pressure will drop but N2 purity not less than the target.
7. Double Protection
  • To protect moisture and oil mist for air system, set at front of Nitrogen Generator.
Program Controller
Outstanding of Infinity Nitrogen Generator in term of Program Controller.
1. Anti-Contamination: Our Programs will protect Oxygen molecules, Oxygen contents can not over than target.

To preventive O2 gas content, Anti-Contamination program will start a new cycle in 2 cycles with production valve closing until third cycle machine will open production valve follow normal step.

2. Equalization:To save volume of air in, to save power of air compressor.

Specification of N2 Generator:N2 = 100 m3/hr with Air inlet = 233 m3/hr. The efficiency is 42.92%.

Why the machine get 42.92% of efficiency because we have done many research and develop with Nation Science and Technology Development Agency : NSTDA Thailand, National Research Council of Thailand : NRCT and National Innovation Agency : NIA.

Pressure in CMS column is 0 bars after desorption and purging step. Normally, CMS starts adsorption about 3.8 bars so we design program to use waste air from another column to make pressure 3.8 bars before purging out. You do not need to loss air without necessaries.

3. N2 Manager with Touch Screen:To monitoring, controlling and recording.

When N2 Manager finds something over or less than standards, program will close N2 Generator System and open N2 Liquid automatically and immediately. For N2 Generator, program will purge N2 out and run system unit get the purity set point then switch to open N2 Generator and close N2 Liquid.

Alarm Function and Recording: Air Inlet Low Pressure (Standard = 6.5-7 bar)
  • N2 Outlet Low Pressure (Standard = 4.5-5 bar).
  • N2 Outlet Low Purity (Standard = depend on purity of customer)
Indicator (Showing) on Touch Screen and Recording: Valve status in N2 Generator
  • N2 Flow Rate (Liter/min)
  • N2 Purity (%N2)
4. Automatic start & stop
Meaning: With pressure switch.
  • At pressure 5.5 bar, machine is in standby mode, no electricity consume.
  • At pressure 5.0 bar, machine is in running mode, normal electricity consume.
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